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Michael B.

Thank you for popping in! I’m Michael B. Owner and Tattooer here at Monsterface Ink.  One of the first questions I always get is, “how did you start tattooing?” Well, I attended one of the most prestigious art institutions there is, and you have probably heard of it, Prison. You're really held to a higher standard when tattooing while locked up, it’s either perfect or it’s getting stabbed in the showers.


Seriously my background is in Biology and Organic Chemistry, but I have found my calling in the art of tattooing. It really isn’t work when you get to do what you love day in and day out. I truly enjoy the people I get to meet through tattooing, one of the absolute perks of the job!  


Being in recovery, the art of tattooing, and the creative outlet has been a vital key in staying on the right path and being a truly happy individual.  One of the biggest reasons I decided to open my own establishment and not work for someone else was to have the flexibility to be able to use my resources and talents to give back to the community. We have offered free tattoos to cover hate symbols, self-harm scars, and domestic violence-related scars and tattoos.


It would be our pleasure to have you in and get some beautiful work on you!

Click here to see Michael's work.


Kimmi J.

I was orphaned at 14 yrs old and poured my soul into art as a coping mechanism. I first took interest in tattooing in 2011 And I began a rigorous 2-year apprenticeship under a well-known, highly respected, old-school tattooer. I have been a licensed, working, tattooer since 2014. I absolutely love collaborating with clients and creating a piece of art that they will be proud to wear for the rest of their lives. I enjoy working with bright colors and doing fun pieces. I also enjoy doing cover-ups and repairs and military tattoos.

Click here to see Kimmi's work.

292953275_777555116759352_5748185988239019530_n (1).jpg


Hey! My name is Alexx, and I’m a tattoo apprentice here at the Monsterface Ink shop. I grew up with a pretty rough home life, and I always found a release in art. I used to draw and paint for hours and put my pictures in a giant envelope to keep as my portfolio. I’ve always wanted to be a tattoo artist, ever since I could remember, and after asking almost everyone in town, Micheal B saw something in my art and decided to teach me to tattoo! I love tattooing and giving clients something they can be happy and proud to wear! I started this apprenticeship about 5 months ago and I’ve been working every day to grow my art skills. I love drawing women, anime, and minimalist-style art.

Click here to see Alexx's work.




Treat your new tattoo like an open wound, as that's exactly what it is. CLEANLINESS is a PRIORITY. Make sure to wash your tattoo and surrounding area 2-3 times daily with non-fragranced soap using warm water. Do not use a washcloth.


I recommend using our natural cream. Apply this 2-3 times daily but very thin as to allow the skin to breathe.

Do not submerge your tattoo in water or overexpose to direct sunlight until fully healed. Do not scratch or pick at your new tattoo. Your tattoo should heal within 2-4 weeks when cared for properly. Do not compromise the longevity of your permanent body art by ignoring simple care instructions.

There are no stupid questions when it comes to caring for your new tattoo. (Well, there are, but I'm happy to answer those too!)

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